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Mentor teacher course


Welcome to this self-paced course. It is aimed at qualified in-service teachers who are or intend to become involved with the training of pre-service teachers.

The Faculty of Education at the University of Johannesburg is proud to make this self-paced course available free of charge. As we explain later, it is not credit-bearing and does not result in a qualification.

Why do we offer this course?

Education in South Africa faces numerous challenges - one of these relates to efforts to increase the quality of teachers.

The government, in its revised vision for education in South Africa, identified the training of new teachers as an all important factor to help ensure that we improve education in South Africa.

We hope that this self-paced course will be insightful and motivate you to further your personal development as a practising teacher by becoming a mentor teacher. As we explain in the introduction, universities require in-service teachers at professional partnering schools to assist with teacher training. This involvement takes place during the practicum component of teacher training programmes and involves mentoring of pre-service student teachers.




Professor Sarah Gravett
Dean of the Faculty of Education


Created with co-operation between University of Johannesburg and University of Helsinki, Viikki Teacher Training School of University of Helsinki


Updated 29.7.2016